I am Liesbeth van Amerongen – Koelemij, and I have been working on a neonatal ward as a nurse specialized in neonatal care with mothers and their babies since 1986. As of November 2014 I am also a certified lactation consultant IBCLC. To me, babies and breastfeeding are inextricably connected, so becoming a lactation consultant was a logical next step for me.

As a lactation consultant I know a lot about breastfeeding, and sharing this knowledge is something that I really enjoy doing. This is why I organize and teach breastfeeding classes to healthcare workers, such as kraamverzorgenden, in addition to the direct help I give to breastfeeding mothers.

My first encounter with breastfeeding was in 1985 when I started working in pediatrics. Thinking back, I can see how much has changed since then; especially in the support available to mothers who want to breastfeed.

I also have breastfeeding experience as a mother, nursing my two daughters for six and eight months. From that experience, I can tell that every nursing adventure is unique, because every mother-baby dyad is unique.

Due to my work as a neonatal nurse, I have ample knowledge of premature babies and infants who need extra care. I know from that experience that adequate support right from the start can be vital to your breastfeeding success. You can always contact me without obligation before your baby is born or when he or she is still in the hospital.

Together we can work towards the best possible outcome for you and your baby.